Tuesday, July 20

ineternet connection failed. :|

grr. within this week i only opened my facebook account and nothing else cause of this stupid internet connection. because of the typhoon our connection becomes unstable. T_T that's why I stop from posting here. though for the past days there isn't much happened so I don't have anything to share. Though we will have half day tomorrow to honor Fr. Alloy, I think. I didn't really know what's the reason why but it's connected to Fr. Alloy. :) haha.. :)) anyway, today I should be watching NCAA instead I'm here posting another post. :| I didn't watch cause I don't know. :)) anywaaay.. that's all happened for the past days. :) Oh. and on AUGUST 9, 2010 we'll have our MIDTERMS!! I don't like the term MIDTERMS. It's like if you failed, it's the end of your college life!! Ugh. :| hate this!! I really hate this. :| don't like to take MIDTERMS. :) haha.. :)) kidd. :D anyway, that's all. :D

Friday, July 16

3 days w/o internet. :P

Tuesday, July 13: Another day. :D

Another boring day. :) I should be going home after class but our dismissal time is 3:00 and it's early to go home so I decided to ask Jobel if she want to come with me in Sta. Lu to eat. :) then she agreed and we went to Sta. Lu. I met Kuya Bernard at Santolan and he was going to Sta. Lu too and asked me if I want a ride home. I decline his offer cause we're going there to eat and I don't want to bother him by giving me a ride home. So I told him we're going to eat there and unn. that's what happened. So, when we were at Sta. Lu we ate at Greenwhich and talked and laughed--mostly laughed about things we discussed. :D she always reminds me of someone but she's better than that person. :P ahaha.. :)) :p :D

Wednesday, July 14: Bagyong Basyang

I hate typhoons. -_- and browout pa since last night. They say the electricity will resume after 3 days. How can I live with that if my phone is lowbatt.? Anyway, thank God the lights were back around 9:00pm and I immediately charged my phone. And know what? tomorrow we can wear civilian attire! Awesome. I can't wait for tomorrow. Haha.. :)) excited to wear civilian attire at school. :D anywaay, tom. puro quiz except for history. To be exaact we have 3 consecutive quiz. Earth Science, English, (though I'm not sure if I have cause our prof assigned me other book to read and as I said in my previous post I read the 5 people you meet in heaven.) and Psychology. I'm worried about Science and Psychology cause I didn't review anything and I don't have notes cause I'm lazy as a shit. That's why I didn't copy anything and I didn't listen to anyone discussing the lesson and next next week is our MIDTERM EXAM. Which is so dammmn cause I didn't learn anything. I mean nothing came to my stupid brain. T_T ugh. I hate school though I like to be with people I knew. I mean I like to make friends. :) that's all I have for today. :) hope tomorrow would be a nice day. :)

Thursday, July 18: Early Bird. :)

cause I see sparks fly whenever you smile..

Civilian today!! I'm excited and I met Jobel at Legarda and we went to school together to do some requirement but all the computer shops are close so we decided to went to our classroom. There goes our class. Thank God our quiz in science is not that hard. It took me a minute to answer the question about our report cause I didn't review it. Anyway, i think i'll pass. :) though that's stupid cause I don't want just to pass I want to be higher but I'm not good enough. :)) So far so good cause I passed all my quizzes as of now. I didn't fail any. Really thank God I passed all my quizzes. :D Anyway, that's all. :D

Friday, July 15: Im dead tired. :|

i'll be your angel givin up her wings if that's what you need. I'll give everything to be your anything. :p

i hate being late and they're making fun of me. Cause we went to gateway JUST to eat. Then when we're done eating Allaine informed us that our lunch is supposed to end at 10:30 not 11:30. Then when i was so shocked and i keep on saying Oh my God over and over cause I don't want to be late or be absent. Cause that would be irresponsible. I'm a college student na and I should act serious. Anyway, so. They laughed at me though i'm glad i make them laugh and I can't stop laughing too. Anyway, we're late and that's it. Then after Theology I'm sooo tired and I'm sleepy through my afternoon classes. I barely knew what my prof is discussing. I JUST want to SLEEP but I can't sleep cause all the prof is watching our moves. T_T Anyway, after all those hours of classes we have P.E in our last period and we did the same as our first activity is the physical fitness. :| nkakababy. T_T anyway, I'm really tired today. :D

Tuesday, July 13

I had fuun today!! :D

I was with Jobel and we went to Sta. Lu to eat. :D I had soo much fun today. :) cause we're laughing and laughing. basta. :D though nakaka-BABY ung guuy kanina! amp.

Monday, July 12

Dammmmn. BV. amp. :|

I'm having the day from hell,
it was all going so well (before you came)...

ang BV naman. :| first ung sa History then ung sa phone q then ung sa LRT!! ugh! it suuuuucks!! why does it have to be that waay??! Anyway, I'll start from the start. :) 3:00pm - History. I dunno what is our ethnic group and worst of all, my name is written first on the list!! and by the time we're called i was getting panicked and i really dont have any idea what our group anyway... that's the worst!! that's why i don't like to be the first one on the list. :| anyway, about my phone.. it's just that someone saw my pics. and it was really embarrassing!! T_T anyway, about the LRT. I was sooo lucky that the train didn't stop in Anonas. Thank God. Thank really God. cause if it stop there i dunno what should i do. aaaand... whatever. basta. this is my worst day ever! damn. this. day. :| I dunno why it happened to me. Anyway, tom we have quiz on Filipino. the one with 40 pages to read and on Math about polynomials. :) that's all for today. :)

Sunday, July 11

I'm such a BITCH.

Oh, I'm just a girl trying to find a place in this world. :)

I hate myself for being a BITCH. :| Well, I can't help it. I'm like that when I'm not in myself. People change and the thing changed in me is that I became a BITCH. I don't like it. That's why whenever I get angry I always went overboard and I always regret what I said. And if I'm angry I said a lot of mean things that I didn't mean to say. :) I mention about the change and i'll explain why I mention it. :) Well, i don't really know why people change. Why would I change? Cause first of all I don't like to change. Well, maybe I want to be more mature and confident to all my decision. Anyway, maybe just like I said a while ago that I'm not aware that I'm changing... That maybe I'm going to be a BITCH. :P kidding. :)) though I can be a BITCH if I want to. "D

Just another boring day. :|

If you ask me if I love him, I'd LIE. :)

ahaha.. :)) sooo boooooooring. :| anyway, nothing exciting/thrilling happened today. T_T sooo. i don't have much to say. though we had a quiz on tuesday in filipino and on monday in english about 5 people you meet in heaven. :) I've read it and it and there was some boring part but still i finish reading it. :) about Eddie the maintenance man of Ruby Pier and so on and so on. :D anyway, i have to read pages 1 - 40 for our filipino quiz and filipino is sooo boring. T_T about wika and stuff. anyway, we've got this term paper thing.. about ethnic group for history and it's driving me crazy! >.<>
(July 8, 2010)

Friday, July 9

Getting Addicted. :)

Today was a fairytale. :)

ahaha.. :)) i'm addicted to JamLegend.. :D ahaha.. :)) i love those kind of games eh.. :)) may challenge and i'm level 11 na. :D haha.. :)) today nothing happened. uhh. we go to our old house and get some thing then went home. that's what i did today. :| nothing much. sooo. i dunno. :) hope something good will happen today or tomorrow. :) and also we don't have classes today cause it's St. Benedict's day or something but i'm sure it's about St. Benedict. :)

Thursday, July 8

Craving for this. :)

OMG! Only a good spy young and the dork diaries 2 is also released!! I can't wait to get ahold of those books. :) and I want to read it as soon as I get the book. :) I'm still waiting for the release of Midnight and the Vampire Kisses 8. :)) I'm looking forward to it. :D
I wanna watch Avatar: the last airbender. :)) I want to watch it and I'm craving to watch it. :) though it will be on theaters on July 20, 2010. I'm also looking forward to it. Same goes for the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part 1). :D It's on September or November. :)) Looking forward to it. :)) I gonna watch those movies and read those freakingly exciting books. :)

Wednesday, July 7

College Life :)

Oh. A loot happened during my first 4 weeks in College. :)) I don't have time to post all the things happened to me within the week so here are the things happened to me in my first 4 weeks in San Beda. :D And those weeks were such a pain in the ass.

June 01: blockmates!!

Today I just found out my schedule thanks to Ina. I saw my sched and wow... I'm really going to college and I can't believe I'm going cause.. YOU KNOW!! haha.. :)) anyway, I asked Jonell if he'd seen our sched and he told me not yet but then I asked him if what is his section then he told me DIT1. I was so shocked and happy at the same time cause I really don't know what will I do when first day of classes come. I don't know who will I talk to. :)) Oh. And Ina told me that our section is forever which is i'll be with them the whole 4 years!! Ugh. I really hate my shoes. Really. Sorry if this is not related to the topic but really! I don't like my shoes. Ugly. I think it's not bagay dun sa uniform. :(((( I hate thaat!

June 15: first day :)

I was early today and I arrived 1 and half early. I wander around and saw one of my blockmate and her name was Jobel. 1st period we're together but when break time started Donna was with her and as usual i'm the only girl who's not with them. At break I hang out with Jonell, Barry, and Caviar and we ate at Mcdo. I'm not hungry so I just picked the large fries and a coke but I didn't have an appetite to eat. I didn't finish my food cause if I ate something I'm sure I'm not gonna like it. We talked and laughed and when we're going out I saw Clara came in with her friends and she shot me a shocked looked and asked me if I'm with them and I nodded. Then she mouthed Ewww and I mouthed Yeeeah. Well that's what I get if I didn't went with my new friends but I think they wouldn't like me so I just kept hanging out with Jonell. and so that's what happened in my first day. :) I went home by 2:00 and drop off at SM and as I was walking toward the washroom I saw Jp and Merlin together with their Mother and Divine. I raised my eyebrow to Merlin and when Jp saw me he said hi and wave at me. I smiled and waved back. :) wala lang. :p

June 21: Oh my God!!

[can't post it. :)]

June 22: Okay. It's official.

[can't post it. :)]

June 23: I've been thinking...

[can't post it. :)]

June 24: visitation day!!

Oh my God!! First I saw heater and wala prin pnagbgo!! :""""> haha.. :)) wait. i'll start with the begining. So. I arrived in beda at 11:55 in the morning and went straight to the washroom after going there I went to the book store to buy a red shirt. I went there with their eyes staring at me. Wondering who the hell am I. Haha.. :)) then after buying the shirt I went to the lobby and saw Rj and Anna standing there. And we greeted each other and later on Nina, Angela, and Gelai arrived. We went to the canteen cause they didn't ate lunch so... Before we leave the canteen I saw the most GORGEOUS boy in the world. Heater entered the canteen and walked passed with our table without a single glance not like everybody else did. Total snub. T_T So we get out of the canteen and started to roam around the highschool building. We went around greeting the teachers we knew and of course our adviser, Mrs. Noble. Then after roaming around we went to the guidance office and asked for Ms. Maricel. The secretary told us she's in break time so we went to the canteen again together with Jem and Kwen. As we went there Rj suddenly put his arm on my shoulders and asked me if I have new Japanese songs then I said yes. Then I let him borrow my phone. We were eating silently when Rj suddenly asked me "Sino toh?" pointing at my wallpaper. I said no one and changed my wallpaper. (my wallpaper was the picture of turn off and some guy.) then after eating we went to the parking lot for them to greet their busmate. After that, we stand by the stairs and wait for their friends in lower year while I stand there waiting for turnoff to go down the stairs. Finally after a long wait... I finally saw him. I looked at him and he looked back. I stared at him and he looked away. When he passed by me, he looked away and when he passed by I looked at him and he's looking at ME!! (Not so sure that he's looking at me but he's looking at our direction. So I assume that he's looking at me.) kept glancing at me!! I was so KILIG! :"""""> >.<> what a GREAAAT DAY! :D

today is 24!! :"">

Is 24 my luckiest day? ahaha.. :)))) :""""> daymmn. I just realized it today. :) (july 8, 2010) well, it's my luckiest day! :p

June 26: OMG! - Why not try this one?

[can't post it. :)]

June 28: Is that my fault?! - What a stupid rain... :|

[can't post it. :)]

June 29: That's it. The question I dread.

[can't post it. :)]

June 30: What now?

[can't post it. :)]

June 1: I hate thizz.

[can't post it. :)]

June 2: I'm over it.

[can't post it. :)]

June 3: Sincerity.

[can't post it. :)]

July 4: eclipse in galle :))

had fuuun today! i finally met Michi and Nica. :)) we watched Eclipse and it's okay. romatic - comedy. I kept on laughing cause I find it funny and I like the way Jacob said that he's hotter than Edward which literally and figuratively true. =))) ahaha.. :)) Jacob's a hunk. :D with those muscles and 6 pack abs! what else do you want from a guy? Absolutely nothing. It's attractive but not my type. haha.. :)) I'm more of a lanky type. haha.. :)) LOL. ü not much of a skinny type. haha.. :))

July 5: Whatever. Don't care.

[can't post it. :)]

July 6: I won't change my mind.

[can't post it. :)]

July 7: haircuut. :(

I got my haircut today and I don't like it. T_T the girl who cut my hair s*cks. I hate my hair. :(( anyway.. nothing really happened today. except that I met barry and yvan in SM and I greeted them. That's all.. :)) :p

July 8: another normal day. T_T

Well, today was no fuun cause we didn't do much. We didn't do anything actually. Except for that stupid quiz in psycho. :(( anyway, I think I'll pass. :D be optimistic. :)