Saturday, October 30


When the moon in the sky is round and bright;
Evil comes out to play that night.
Witches cavort and mad men rave
And creatures reach out from beyond the grave
- druid prophecy

Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 29


Finally. I'm done with the Ghostgirl and it was a little bit-I don't know. I can't explain. Anyway, I'm moving on to the Magician and I'm really busy editing the book in this blog that's why I'm so slow in the progress of reading. Anyway, I'm in chapter 25 and I'll continue reading this afternoon onwards. Anyway, I gotta go. ^^.

Thursday, October 28


Ghostgirl. I'm reading that because I just got the 2nd book of Nicholas Flamel which is the Magician. Soo. After I read Ghostgirl I'm moving on to the real plan which is to finish the series of Nicholas Flamel. Anywaaay, maybe after Night World I can finish this series of Ghostgirl. ^^. I still got a week left before the start of our Semester. hmm. School. Again. Ugh~ don't really know why school is important. we can learn outside the school. Anyway,, I'll start reading the Magician... uhm.. maybe Saturday morning. In any case I'll still be reading continuously. That's all for today. :D

Wednesday, October 27


Ha! I'm finally done with Alchemyst. I thought I wouldn't finish this last night but I finished it soo I'm moving on to the next though I don't have the book yet so probably I would finish it tomorrow. OMG~ I can't believe I missed the 4th Episode of the Vampire Diaries last tuesday!! Crap that. I can't remember what I'm doing that time. Anyway, let's hope before the end of the week I can watch it. ^^. Magician is the next book I'm going to read and after that Sorceress and Necromancer. Then after all of that Nightworld 3. That's the last one I'm going to read. ^^. haha. :)) though if I can finish this all by Sunday? Maybe I can read some other books. :D haha. :) Anyway, that's all. :3

Tuesday, October 26

Ash Redfern =">

Yey! My aunt got this yesterday and I'm going to read this after reading the series of Immortal Nicholas Flamel. ^^. haha. :)) hope I can finish it soon cause I'm excited to see Ash Redfern's part in the book. hope that he's in that book too. ^^ haha.. :)) though at the last book I think I can see his part on the last book. :D haha.. :)) after all this I'm thinking what to read next or maybe i don't have time to read at all cause our sem will start uhmm. nov. 8 or 9.. and next week is Halloween after that week is the start of our term.. hmmm. I guess I have to stop with Night World 3. hmm. anyway, I started reading The Alchemyst a while ago so I think I'll be done with it by tomorrow afternoon? hmm. anyway, I guess that's all for today. :D

Sunday, October 24

Books! So Much To Read!

I'm done reading those but not yet done with Wicked: Resurrection. ^^. Anyway, I have a lot of books to read and hopefully I won't get too bored from reading EVERYday. So far so good though I thought that I can't finish Wicked 2 but I finished it yesterday. It's kind of OA. The story of Holly Cathers and Jeraud Deveraux. Houses that keep on fighting from century and the love and hate of Isabeau Cahors and Jean Deveraux. It's so--I don't know. Weird? Ironic? Anyway, It's kind of weird that you want to kill your one and only love because that person killed you. That's what's the story about. Love and Hate of Isabeau Cahors and Jean Deveraux. Of Course both houses are enemies and they kept on fighting each other. hmmm. Anyway.. After I finished Resurrection I'm moving on to the series of Secrets of Immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott. They said that the story is true though I don't know but some says that they lived centuries back then. So only one way to find out. I'll read the series after I'm done with the last book of Wicked. ^^.

Tuesday, October 19

Sem Break!

Well. As you can see. I forgot to open this account and I'm so busy these days. Anyway, it's already sem break and of course, I'm reading a lot of books! :) haha. i know it sounds boring But! it's actually not if you really look into it. haha. :)) :D Though it's not the only thing I'm doing. I read, eat, chat, play, and sleep. See? Even though I keep on reading I have break too. haha. :)) Anyway, I'm about to read Night World 2 and I'm done with Night World 1, Dark Secret 1, and Torment. Ohh. Speaking of Torment.. It has third book and I can't wait to read it. LOL. Do I sound nerdy? >.< well. can't help reading Fiction books. :)) Anyway, I'm going to read na. :)