Monday, January 7

Year 2008

January 7
As usual parang dati rin! Parehas lang ung pangyayari last year at this year. I want ung mashoshock ako! And as usual nanduon c heater, turn off, rudolf, my chem, apple, hamster, and lord of the rings! Sige na! Gagawa na talaga ako ng project tom.! Kasi sa 10 or 11 yata. Aaah! Wala pa akong pyramid! Bye~

January 8
Grabeh nangyari ngaun! Diba dapat lalaki ung magbubukas ng pinto para sa babae? Eh bakit hindi nila binuksan ung door? Ako pa tuloy ung nagbukas! Ung kasama kc ni heater eh! :( I felt sorry for the kid! Ung nadapa! Aaah! Never na akong magbubukas ng door for the boys! Ah! Lam ko na kung bakit nangyari ito ngaun! Dahil 8 ngaun! haha.. :))

August 11, 2008
hehe.. hehe.. ako ang nagcheck ng paper nia.. hehe.. hehe.. kakatuwa talaga!! hehe.. un lan!! haha!!

September 16, 2008
Shoot! ______ ko c conscious!! eeeee!! tapos ndi pa ako nagsorry kxe d aq ung ______ so ndi aq nagsori.. haha!! kxe xa ung my kasalanan nun ndi aq.. ndi kxe xa tumigil ee.. whahahaha!! ;) whahaha!! :)

*to be continued.

2nd year of highschool. A lot of things happened this year and it is mostly because of the two guys I'm obsessed with but not totally like I'm going to flung myself at them. I just adore them. Anyway, when I met them. I mean when I knew about them my life become colorful! It's like I have a purpose in my life. Anyway, it's been fun to be obsessed for a while though sometimes it gets kind of irritating. So. As I've said earlier a lot happened and I can't cite them all but I have a soft copy of every little things happened in my 2nd year life and like I said it's too many to mention here. So here's the brief summary of what happened that Year.

A year passed and now I'm second year. I can't seem to remember what happened last year cause my life back then is so.. Dull. Nothing much happened. The only memory I had in my first year, the time we went swimming. Anyway, this year is full of hearts! When I met those two I felt like I have a purpose on going to school. I've someone to keep an eye. Someone I dreamt about and someone I like to daydream about. Then it became my bad habit. I always adore them and I'm not going to do anything about my feelings for them. Just watching them I can feel myself blush. Haha. Anyway, I feel contented just watching because of them I had my inspiration. Though I never used that inspiration to enlighten my studies but I just like watching them. Walking past them. (obviously pretending that I'm just a regular girl passing by. Anyway, at the end of the year it's awesome cause I still adore them. :3