Saturday, November 27

Harry Potter!!

Hmmm. Finally after my loooong wait to watch Harry Potter, I've got to watch it yesterday. but I never expected they would cut the story when voldemort got the Elder wand. I'm a little bit depressed but still it's WICKED!!! Ahahaha.. :)))) Anyway, I'm still happy cause I've got my own copy of Fallen. :"> haha.. :))) Even if I didn't go to the Podium, I'm still happy. Anyway, hmmm. that's all I think. ^^

Saturday, November 20

Harry Potter. :|

fuuu~ Harry Potter was released last thursday midnight and I'm not yet watching it!! Really. Thanks to my PATIENCE I can bear it. :| grr. I hate waiting. :| hmm. anyway, I'll just watch Vampire Diaries Season 1 and do my homeworks also. Damn. Speaking of school... My grade in ICT02 is in critical state. What should I do? I do really suck in algorithm. That's the reason why my grade in our computer subject decreased and due to my lack of participation (that's because I got irritated with my teacher). Ugh. Still. Why algorithm?! Why can't we just go to C++ already? Anyway, I would prefer HTML than C++ or CSS. I like HTML very much, to the extent that I do review my notes about it. AAAANYWAY, Crap ICT02. Logic and Design at least I can bear but ALGORITHM and FLOWCHART? oh come on! Ugh. Hate it. Anyway, that's all. ^^

Sunday, November 14

School Crap.

Daymmm. Only one more then I can get through my homework but still I'm not yet done! For God's sake! It's 4:48 already and I'm not yet done! this is a major CRAP. Dammit. Anyway, I'm not yet done with my NSTP. I'll do it later in our break. ^^ that's how RESPONSIBLE I am. haha. =)))

Saturday, November 13

Count down.. 4, 3, 2, 1....

I'm starting to count the days off till Harry Potter 7. I'm getting excited!! haha.. :)) oh btw, I didn't understand a thing about NSTP02 Orientation today.. that's why I don't know what to write in our reaction paper. Hmm. Anyway, we've got homework and I'm still not yet doing it and tomorrow I'll go out with my aunt to a birthday party.. Hmm. Can I do it tomorrow morning? Well, we'll see. ^^

Thursday, November 11

I'm Patient... :))

Weee~ Harry Potter 7 Part 1 on November 18, 2010. ^^.

I'm so excited naa~ haha.. :))) Anyway, tomorrow is the new episode of Vamp Diaries and I can't wait too. :)) ahaha.. :)) and I'm not yet also done watching Saw 6 but I think I should download the other movies so that I can fully understand the movie. ahaha.. :)) the first part was so gross. haha.. :)) Anyway, that's all for today. :D need to focus on my studies (weh?!) ahaha.. =)) anyway, school really takes up all my time that's why I'm posting this today. hehe. ;)) That's all. :)

Tuesday, November 9

School. :|

Great! School started and it takes up all my time. It's been a while since I post here and it's been ages since I started reading the third book of Nicholas Flamel. Dam. Dam. Damm. Anyway, I can really say that it'll be a while when I can post again and it will be sooo long before I can finish the book I'm reading. That's all. :P

Thursday, November 4


Nov. 3
Today I officially saw that JamLegend is not free anymore. That's why I felt down lately cause I can't play JL anymore. So sad.. Anyway, I'm now in Chapter 10 of Sorceress. I wonder when will I finish it. Cause we have to go to school on Monday onwards....

Nov. 4
I'm stuuuck! Crap. I can't continue reading Sorceress... T_T Hmmm. Anyway, I still have my Plurk account and Twitter though I'm rarely using them. I'm more of a blog person. haha. :)) Anway... I should finish it today or tomorrow. Cause only two days left before school starts. :|

Tuesday, November 2

Sorceress ^^

Moving on to the next. ^^, In the Magician, Josh's powers is finally awaken and I wonder if he will pay for Mars though he is dead. Hmm. I'm getting kind of excited though the 2nd book is a little bit dull for me. Scatty! Oh. Scatty is now missing! Because of Dagon she is now missing!! Wonder what happened to her. And Perenelle. She is on Alcatraz together with Elder Aerop-Enap fought the Morrigan and they beat them. Hmm. I'm on the third book now and it's getting a little bit exciting. I hope I wouldn't be disappointed when I read the actual book. :) Many said that the best book of the series is the Necromancer. I don't know why but I think I'd like to find out. ^^.

Monday, November 1

Over Due.. T_T

With all the things happened I should be finished reading Magician today but I'm not yet doone. T_T anyway, went to cemetery last night and today. I bought my book with me but with all the noise I can't concentrate that's why I ended up playing Guitar Rock Tour 2. :(( Anyway, hmm. I'm thinking whether I can finish it tonight. hmm. I hope so cause I'm really late in my sched. haha.. :)) I know it's weird to have schedules but I have one! :D anywaaay, Happy Halloweeen! ^^.