Tuesday, May 25

Royal Blood?!

I went to the book store today and I looked for their new books and I happened to saw Royal Blood. One of the series of Vampire Kisses which happened to be one of my favorite book and one of the book I like. I'm going to find it online. I'm going to search it. I read the synopsis at the back of the book and it says that something about Alexander's living on the mansion is going to an end... something like that.
I find it online and I'm excited to read it. I was through with vampires but this is an exception. haha.. :)) I can't wait to read it.. :D I can't believe that I missed one of the books of that series! :|

Saturday, May 22

I'm dreadfully wrong!! :|

I thought this whole time he's something but actually he's not. I'm not really that shocked as I heard that he's not something. Actually for some reason I knew that he's not so I'm not really that shocked as I heard it. Today we went to shop and well, nothing happened. Yesterday I have an urge to go out and now I've done it and nothing happened. Anyway, tomorrow at eight in the evening is VD series and I looking forward to it. Even though it's really not like in the book I want to watch it cause Ian Somerhalder is so cool. He really fit to be Damon. He's cool. :"""""> I'm gonna watch it. :D

I have an urge to go out

I want to go out as soon as possible. I don't know why but I have an urge to go out. I want to go to the mall and shop. I think it's because it's suuuuper hoooot today. As in you can't stay in one place cause a while ago I was sitting in my room wondering what should I do. I opened my CD player and tuned in, browsing all the stations to find songs that I knew. I can't stay in one place cause it's freaking hot today.. I went outside to absorb the coolness of the air but still I'm not really satisfied. Why is that today is freaking hot???! I wonderrrrr..

Thursday, May 20

Waiting for MIDNIGHT!!

Yesterday while I was surfing the net I searched the information about the 5th book of Vampire Diaries Series which is "The Return: Midnight" or just "Midnight". According to the site I saw.. The book Midnight will be released this year and I can't wait for it. The story is so exciting and Damon! Oh for heavens sake! He's human again! Without powers and all!! That is so exciting! Damon takes Stefan's humanity accidentally. :"""""""""""> I can't really wait to read the next book!! So exciting!! :D