Thursday, September 9

Can't Decide. :|

I can't decide whether to buy or make one. :( though I really like this dress:

yup. that's the one. It's cute. :"> hehe.. ;)) Anyway, I guess I'll try to find a dress to buy. haha.. :)) cause I don't want to take a risk. :P haha.. =))) Anyway, until now wla pa rin kme sa Histo and I'm working on our report in ICT on thursday. :) Oh yeah! My body really hurt! :( though it's worth it. :D I enjoy running yesterday. :)) haha.. :)) and met some people. :D cool, right? haha. =)) though I'm shy type that's why... it's like that. ahaha.. =)) Anyway, super enjoy yesterday. :) I can't stop from shrieking. ahaha.. =)) joke. hehe.. ;)) and also from laughing cause super laugh trip kahapon. ahaha.. :)) Amazing Race in the morning and I Love You game in the afternoon. :)) Saya!! haha.. :)) though super sakit din ng katawan ko. ahaha.. =)) though it's worth it nman. ahaha.. =)) I guess I'll go to the mall tomorrow. :D I hope I can find the right one. :D hehe.. ;)) Wish me luck!! :D That's all. :D

Saturday, September 4

Rerun Vamp Diaries. :"">

Haha. :)) I'm on re-run of Vamp Diaries today. :D haha.. :)) i missed it so much. :D Anyway, we should be doing the script today but I'm so out of my mind right now and I just want to finish Vamp Diaries as soon as possible cause I'm so excited to watch the Season 2 of it and I want to finish Snap, the book I'm reading today. Anyway, I felt I should be doing something but I don't know what it was. Anyway, I'm going jam with Jobel. :) Oh. Right I forgot about his birthday was supposed to be yesterday. Anyway... That's all. :D

Sunday, September 5

I'm so disappointed. :| I thought I could finish it today but the cd isn't complete. How am I supposed to finish it if the cd is not complete? Ugh. Anyway, I guess it's okay cause if somehow I didn't finish it today I would have stayed all night just to finish it. :) haha.. :)) and it's not a good idea to stay up all night cause we have classes on Monday. :)) haha.. :)) Anyway, I guess I'll be reading book tonight. :) haha. :)) Oh. we also have a project to be passed this week and we'll do it on Monday. :D How nice is that? haha.. :)) anyway, that's all. :D

Friday, September 3

Totally Weird. :|

So great I can finally talk to someone who watched the VD. haha.. :)) I think Michi finished it yesterday. :) haha.. :)) hope I she did read the book cause it's more exciting though the Series is great too but still Book for me. :D haha.. :)) I wonder what will they do in Season 2. How will they connect the 1st Season to the 2nd Book of VD. :D Anyway, we'll see about that. :D I can't wait to read Midnight. >.<> kidding about the last part though I think it would happen cause in the 3rd book, Damon liked Bonnie. haha.. :)) Ok cla. :) haha.. :)) Anyway.. Damon was HOT. :"""> haha.. :)) Okay. So much for that. :) Totally weird today. I'm not flattered but i'm weirded out. @_@ that's the only thing I can say. :) haha.. :)) but to tell you the truth i'm a little flattered but still it's weird. Really really weird. :| though I appreciate his friendliness but I think it went over board?? haha.. :)) anyway, i'm not sure why he did it. It's totally weird. :| Anyway, that's all for today. :)