Tuesday, August 31

Ber month. :)

Y'know what? NSTP sucks! :| amp. a great intro, right? I'm supposed to say "Today's the start of ber month..." and so on but instead of it I wrote THAT cause it makes me angry everytime I see my grades. :| bad3p. Anyway, I got 4 in NSTP which is sooooo damn bad3p. it's like i didn't went to his subject though i'm always present at his class! I never miss one of his class, for God's sake! Anyway, so much for that. I ask this girl but the creep won't answer me. kept saying stupid, dirty, perverted things to me. Gross! @_@ i know. so gross. that's why damn her to hell. Anyway, it's BER month na! :D and Christmas is fast approaching though not really Christmas... :D Sem Break is fast approaching and I can't wait for our vacation. :D Anyway, I had my haircut yesterday. :D to be honest i kinda like short hair. haha. :)) but still i like my hair long. :D jamming again. :D later. :)

Saturday, August 28

Field trip - Laugh trip

I had so much fun today! Thanks a lot to Donna, Chesca, and Jobel. Super laugh trip knina. =)) Grabe tlaga. :D We went to Intramuros and took a bunch of pictures. :D haha.. :)) Ha! I can't express my thoughts na. :) I'm so over joyed. :D So happy. :D hehe. ;)) Anyway, after going there we went to Harbor near CCP and we ate there at Terriyaki Boy. :) Grabe. Namulubi kme nun. ahaha.. =)) Badtrip. :)) Tas SUPER DUPER LAUGH TRIP!!! :)) Ang hirap tlaga ng Math. haha.. :)) kelan ba naging madali un? haha.. :)) Anyway, nahirapan kme sa paghati nung babayaran kea ang tagal nmen ng calculate. haha.. :)) Tas eto pa. Sa CR.... ahaha.. =)) poker face! LOL. :D tas c Jobel... hehe.. :)) ndi ko nakita kea pero na-iimagine ko. :D haha.. :)) According to chesca, may kumatok daw dun sa Employees only na room then may nagbukas tas biglang nagulat c Jobel. ahaha.. =)) while writing this I can imagine what happened even though I didn't see it. =)) Anyway, tas un. ahaha.. :)) Sumakit ung paa ko kakalakad. :| Badtrip. Alay lakad pa kc. hehe.. ;)) But 1 time lang kme naglakad. haha.. :)) sumakay kc kme kna Chesca kea gnun. ahaha.. =)) Anyway, I'm kind of excited about the Pepba Night. haha.. :)) That's all for this exhausting week. :D

Friday, August 27

Integration Proper. :)

The mud is worth it. haha.. :)) This is the best INTEGRATION day I've experienced. :D unlike the one I had when I'm just a freshmen at beda high. :)) Anyway, I really enjoy this day and I pity those people who didn't experience this. :D It's so fun and I had fun today. I totally enjoy the mud part. haha.. :)) cause we're fooling around. :D throwing and smearing mud all over our body. That's really the best part. :) I enjoy throwing mud to others. :D haha.. :)) I don't like the crawling part. haha.. :)) at least we're so lucky that we didn't experience the eel in our body. That's so gross. :)) and I'm really grossed out with the egg, cornstarch, and ketchup. It has a bad odor. :| Gross. And there's a concert this night and I didn't attend cause I'm supposed to be home early that's why I'm home early and I had a nice shower after all the things we did at school. Anyway, tomorrow we're off to Intramuros for our tour. :) how nice is that?? haha.. :)) 1 whole week without break. :) Anyway, that's all. :D

Monday, August 23

Jejemon Attire.. :|

Ugh. Hate Jejemons. Anyway, today is the start of Integration week and we're going to dressed as Jejemons and I hate it! :| I'm not one in the first place. Anyway, on thursday would be worst! Zombie in plants vs. zombies!! That was soooo... Whatever. I like the one Ches suggested. She told us that we should have a day where we would wear our own uniforms last year and that would be GREAT!! I really like that idea of her. Anyway, I'll just finish our paper then off to play JamLegend. :) hehe.. :)) Oh, I almost forgot. :) We played DOTA a while ago and I used Spectre. :) The Hero the guy used to me. :) haha.. :)) I enjoyed using Spectre. haha.. :)) Anyway, let's hope for the best. :D

Sunday, August 22

It's my day today. :)

why am I so obsessed with you?

Ok. I know its been a while since I update this blog. Anyway, I'm totally humiliated for myself. :| Cause I'm so obsessed with him. :| Damn. If only I'm not. I know I have a huuuge ***** on him but still. I'm acting like an idiot. Anyway, I want to forget about him. :) For the last time, I'm so OVER him. :| Anyway, this is supposed to be my day but all I've shared is my obsession. Anyway, I'm very thankful to everybody who greeted me. :) I'm so going to CHANGE myself. I mean no more EMOTIONS!! If only I can stop my emotions. :)) Anyway, I didn't went out to celebrate my day cause I don't have plans for today. So I'm stuck here and that's also the reason why I'm almost done with the book I'm reading right now. :) It's called Kiss me Kill me. :) It's a story about a girl who, for the first time, kissed a guy and dropped dead at her feet. That's why she have to investigate why did the guy died in her arms.. that's was a really good series and I'm almost done with the third book which her rival makes her life so miserable and the truth about her parents would reveal to her. :) Isn't that amazing? ahaha.. :)) Anyway, I'm getting carried away. Oh. I almost forgot. :) The cake we bought for me has a smiley face in it. That was so embarrassing cause the note we gave the girl at the counter was so messed up. (I'm not the one who wrote the dedication) Anyway, it's so embarrassing and I can't help but to smile at the girl. Anyway, Integ week NEXT week and I don't know what to wear! :P Jejemon! :| I'm not a jejemon! I dunno what they wear actually. But my friends told me to wear colorful clothes and a jejecap. At first I didn't know that the cap is called like that. It so... lame? I can't find the right word. Anyway, on thursday as I said last Aug. 14 that we have to wear Zombies from plants vs. zombies. I post the possible attire I can wear. (ref: Aug. 14) anyway, I really want to wear the clothes of zomboni but it's hard if we have props cause there's no way I would bring an ice machine (I dunno what he's riding) at school! OMDB!! :P haha.. =)) Anyway, I can't believe I'm just 16. :P hehe.. :)) Anyway.. I didn't edit our paper!! What now?? We'll going to pass it on tuesday. :) That's all. :) Happy Birthday to me. :D

Tuesday, August 17

Midterm Grades.. :|

After Midterm, our grades will be released and so far I think it's not really good.

P.E: 2.00
Filipino: 2.75

They only told us our grades though I've computed my grade in P.E. Anyway, in Filipino.. Badtrip. 1 point nalang. Grr. Though I can make it up in Finals. :) It's just a point away and I can't afford to have 3.00 in my grade. Anyway, Thank God I passed. Though I don't really want to have 2.75 if I can ever avoid it. :) Anywaaaay, tomorrow is Wed and we have to celebrate something in school so we would be there from 9 to 12. Then we would go to Area right after the activity. :) then we'll watch the NC. LOL. :) ahaha.. :)) so excited! :D ahaha.. :)) anyway, I'm going to finish our paper today and I don't know how to use the daymnn FOOTER!! Curse it! :| Why does it have to be so difficult?? Crappp. I'm not sure whether my grammar is right or wrong. -_- Anyway, I wanna go to Florida where the Universal Orlando Resort was established. :) ahaha.. :)) wanna go there to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter but it's so expensive.
Imagine you would spend hundred dollars for entrance fee and that's per head and if you convert it into peso it would cost 5k per head. So expensive! I wish I could go there. Someday. I'll go there once I save a lot of money. :) Really. Someday. Maybe 10 years from now? ahaha.. :)) bsta. :D time will pass by. :) but for now, I'll want to buy this shirt. :)

It costs $32.95 which is P1647.50. I want that shirt! Though I dunno if I can buy it not that I can't afford it but I'm not sure cause I think it's not worth the money but I like that shirt. I'd like to buy this one too. :) this slytherin drawstring bag. :) I like the color but I want Ravenclaw cause it's blue but Slytherin is cool. :) It costs $19.95 which is P997.50. Almost 1k. Affordable? Yes. though I think they don't ship in the Philippines. :( awts. :(( Anyway, I guess I can always buy a substitute. :D

Anyway, so much for that. I can't finish the paper today because of that toopid FOOTER. :| That's all. :) Excited for tomorrow. :) :D Good Luck Red Cubs and Lions! :D

Sunday, August 15

When Bad Luck Began..

Why am I soo out of luck today?? It's been a horrible day for me but not my worst. First of all when I was in timezone.. I lost a lot of times in playing tekken. Then I get pissed of and walked out. (I won't tell you what exactly happened.) Second, a **** GUY, about my age, was laughing at me because he can always kill me. Well, it goes like this. My cousins and I went to Cyberzone to play DOTA then when we're finally settled and I'm creating the game a lot joined and i don't know them. No. I mean. Another 2 unknown player joined and I didn't know who they we're at first then I "accidentally" picked Zeus as my Hero and I felt weeeak!! I only used -wtf as our cheat. I should have typed all the cheats I knew but then it'll be embarrassing to the other unknown player so I stick with it. When it started I went in search for prey and the next thing I knew Spectre killed me. Grr. I was so shocked that time and I asked Jake if Spectre belong to him but he only said no. Then when I looked at Jedd and saw at the corner of my eye, the guy beside Jedd, was smiling. I ignore it at first but then when my hero revived I get easily killed. I was thrash talking at that time and I'm cursing them all cause they keep on killing my Hero. :| I know I'm so shallow but I can't help being competitive. Anyway, I already knew that they would won so I just played it without any effort. There was a time when I'm looking at Jedd I happened to catch the eye of that guy and he LAUGHED at me. LAUGHED!! He was laughing at me in front of my face!! Grr. I'm so irritated. :| And it wasn't ONCE but I think twice or three times. Bsta I caught his eyes a few times and he's mocking me. I get really pissed at him but when I reached level 6, I immediately used Zeus last skill and I think I killed him. I dunno cause that happened so fast. The next thing I knew I'm dead. :) Anyway.. I learned my lesson.. I won't play in public anymore. I'll just surf the net or If we're just the ones playing I mean no other players or anything. Anyway, I just finished our power point and I'm not done with our paper. :) but I'll manage to finish it today. :) Anyway, that's all. :D

Saturday, August 14

If Only...

I have a lot of If only's and I can't list them all down but IF ONLY I'm allowed to go I could've gone. :| Anyway, it's done. :) uhm... I still have to edit our paper and our power point presentation. :) Anyway, back to normal again. :) lectures, discussions, seatwork, homeworks, group works and quizzes... :| I wonder if the cycle would change... Anyway, right after my day it's integ week. How bad can it be?? and they said that we're going to wear jejemon attire, then Zombie in Plants vs Zombies.. :| ugh. hate integ. :| but my first integ is worse than that but it's easier compare to this year. Still.. Zombie?? I have an idea in Zombie. This one:

easy lang nmn eh. black shirt then blue tattered button up shirt then jeans and sneakers. Oh, and a red bonnet. bonnet tawag dun right? hehe :) easy right? haha.. :)) i hope we shouldn't bring any props cause if we're bringing one I'm not sure this will work. :( Ugh. I hope we doesn't need any props. Cause I wouldn't know what to wear if we need props. T_T though if we need props.. I think I would wear this one:

I can buy a smaller cone and stick it in my head or the next one:

a red balloon and a cap like that, or this:

checkered polo and jeans, and this:

red tie, brown polo, white shirt, brown pants and brown shoes and of course a red flag. :) easy right? like it's super duper easy.. T_T Grr. I don't know where to get that kind of clothes. IF ONLY there's a store that sells clothes like that then I could buy one. Anyway, at least I have some ideas on what to wear. :P Anyway, in jejemon outfit.. I think I'll wear a blue skinny jeans and a loose pink shirt then about the cap.. I borrowed from Angela. Is that a jejemon outfit?? @_@ I hate to look stupid. :| And ndi pa nman aq marunong magdala ng damit. -_- Asar much. Anyway.. I still have to edit our paper. Maybe I'll start tomorrow. :) haha.. :)) Badtrip ung PC nmen. Laging LAG!! nag-haHANG!! :| BV muuch. >.< Anyway, that's all. :) :D

Friday, August 13

Badtrip much. :|

I know! It's supposed to be a happy day considering the date today. I was looking forward to going out, to buy a gift but then from the moment I stepped on the platform I knew my bad luck begins. At first I'm trying to ignore it but then when that little incident I get more irritated by all the things happen after that "little incident". Grr. I'm so pissed at her! If only she wasn't so ***!! Amp. Anyway, I got a lot of bad luck today. :| but on the bright side I have 2.0 in P.E. :D I'm so happy to get that kind of grade. I wonder if my grades in other subjects are like that. Bet not. I'm 99.99% sure. Cause I don't know in NSTP. Anyway, I'm working on our power point in History for our Midterm in History. It's about the usual. Higaonon. :) anyway, I do really hope that I passed all my exams. :) and I'm also hoping that I wouldn't have a grade of 3.0 and below. Though I'm not so sure about that because I'm scared of the results of our Midterm grades. I feel I got low scores. T_T well, let's hope not. :) anyway, we went to sta. lu and I bought a gift for my cousin and I feel satisfied and happy. :D anyway, about the escalator accident... that was really embarrassing!!! escalator muuch! >.< next time take the stairs. ahaha.. :)) :P "agaw eksena" :D anyway, that's all. :)

Thursday, August 12

2 more then it'll be OVER!!

Finally!! It'll be over tomorrow. Math nalang. :) and I think I passed the ERTSC. It's the only subject I felt confident. :D and swear. all the things I've review this morning paid off. :D anyway, in ICT, which is our Major subject. I scored 69. believe it or not. I didn't review and I still, me and my partner passed. :P just two more subjects then it's over!! :)) anyway, I'm going to study now. :D I don't want to fail one of my exams especially math. NSTP is okay but Math?? no way! :P anyway, gotta review for tom. :D Oh. I'm so proud of our (means me and Jobel only) term paper!! >.< really really PROUD!! :D we scored 85 there. :D though it's a low grade. still. we're almost done. :D

Tuesday, August 10

NSTP disaster!!

That was sooo... bsta!! nakakaasar.. T_T NSTP pa kc eh. :p haha.. :)) hope I passed the exam. :) the same with the other exams. I hope I passed them though I didn't really review really well. Well. I felt I'm not going to pass NSTP. :| anyway. NSTP DISASTER tlaga. :| On the bright side I think I did my best at Filipino. :) haha.. :)) btw, on thursday we have MATH in the morning-and not just in the morning--EARLY in the morning! 7:30??! Hell. I think I'll review this one and we have ICT which is our Major subject at 1:30 - 3:00pm in the afternoon. Speaking of ICT. I don't have my book--which is safely in my LOCKER!! sucks!! :| I forgot my book and we need to read Chapter 1 - 3 cause that's the coverage of our exam. I'm soooo irresponsible! :( anyway, hope I passed my exams. :)

Midterm Week. :|

grr. it's already Midterms! :| i didn't review seriously!! :| Hell. what was I supposed to do?? I don't have my copies of our lecture in English. I left it in my locker. :| nice right??! grr. I just review my notes in psycho and that's not a lot of things. And know what? I'll go to school early so that I can get my photocopy and review there. I wonder if I can review there solemnly. haha.. :)) kidd. I dunno if my grammar was right. hehe. ;)) my grammar sucks! ahaha.. =)) kidd. but I think it's true. I'm not really good at English but then I'm writing stories!! Come on!! I suck at English but then I'm writing stories! That's crazy!! >.< anyway, I'll study tomorrow morning and I'll focus more on psych. :D anyway, that's all. :) Good Luck to me!! :D

Thursday, August 5

A Little Adventure. :)

Yesterday was soo fuuun if only it didn't rain. :| We're out yesterday at Gateway and we watched Sorcerer's Apprentice and it was a great movie and the special effects too are great. :D anyway, we're having a dinner when my Aunt text me that it's raining hard and there was flood na. So at first I just ignore it then when my friends started to text me about flood I got more worried. So when we're done and went to Santolan and there, there are many people who are stranded. So we have no choice but to walk from there to Sta. Lu. and there I met Michi's family. I stayed with them for the night and thank God. Really thank God. That Michi's mom is there cause if not we don't know how to go home that night. or maybe i'm the only one who doesn't know how to go home. :( at least this morning I got here 10 in the morning and went to school after that. When I came to school I only attended our major subject which is ICT and nothing else. :P cause Ms. Gabriel wasn't around that's why we went home early and our prof didn't return our paper that's why i'm not yet doing the 2nd draft. Next week MIDTERMS and I hate it!! :| i don't like MIDTERMS and fyi, nobody likes it. :P anyway, i met Joma today and i'm sooo CONFUSED. @_@ WHY?! i mean why would he do something like that?? why--whatever. i'm out of his life and i'm not going back. so why care? i'm such a BITCH, right? and i know it. :) I hope it wouldn't rain tomorrow and today i'll start counting... 16 days to go. :) i'm not really excited but well.. what can I say?? it's natural.. i guess. :) better not to waste money. i should be saving my allowance everyday. from now onwards i'll keep my money na. :p that's all. :)

Monday, August 2

Jamming. :P

I'm so early today. haha.. :)) i should be doing our term paper but i just wasted half hour playing JamLegend. ahaha.. :)) i'm getting addicted to it. :P anyway, our term paper was due on wed. 1st draft and we've got a pretty good outline right now. I'll fill the other gaps. That's what I should do today but as I said earlier I'm wasted half hour playing JamLegend. :D niehsan. :p hehe.. :)) like that name though that name really means "brother" in Japanese. :D I'm kind of working on "sister" word in Japanese which is oneesan. I could spell it neesan or nesan but I'm still thinking of other spelling for it. haha.. :)) Oh. I'm sooo full of CRAP. I didn't do any homework today!! that was sooo STUPID of me!! though I wont regret it even though it's not good i'm fine with it. okay. to be honest I'm not. anyway... i'll answer it later when I get to school. :) that's all for this morning. :P and I'll do our paper na. :D

Sunday, August 1


It's AUGUST!! :D wla lang. :D I'm not really looking forward to this month. ahaha.. :)) kidding. i've been waiting every year for this month! how can i not? haha.. :)) joke. :p hehe. ;)) anyway, that's all. :P

Getting Busy.. :P

It's been a week since I updated this blog. uhh. I can't say much because the connection of our internet is not stable. That's why I'm posting today. :D i can't really maintain my site with this stupid internet connection. :| anyway, I'm getting busy. (not true) kidding. I'm not really that busy at all. :) just doing homeworks. that's all. it's been a rough week and i'm kind of tiiiired. :) it's because of quizzes and BORING lessons!! Everytime I force myself to listen I can't!! my mind would block all the things being discussed. how am I supposed to listen when all the lessons are boring?? anywayzz. sometimes if i didn't listen my mind would go blank and the next thing i knew i fall asleep!! ugh. :| nice. really nice. it's not really my specialty to listen. :p anyway. MIDTERMS is on Aug. 9. 2 weeks left!! what should i do?? i didn't learn anything and on Aug. 14 there'll be a "reunion" or somewhat like that.. im not sure if im going coz nakakatamad. :P hehe. :)) niweiz. wla pa rin kmeng ngagawa sa HISTORY: TERM PAPER!! WTH!! I don't know what to do there. sooo. we're not doing anything plus! we still have something on NSTP and on PEPBA or GICP in short. sooo. what now?! i don't want to have 5.0 in my grades!! and im hoping to pass my MIDTERMS!! i do really hope to pass it. i'll trade anything just to pass it. :P haha.. :)) that's all. :D